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Desc:Feel the weight of Mormon attempts at indoctrination.
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:Homosexuals, Mormons, Prop 8, what are mothers for?
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Comment count is 40
jyrque - 2010-08-08
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-08-08
Lets not confuse our kids by raising them in stable loving families.
oddeye - 2010-08-08
I don't want my kid to be confused!!
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-08-08
Wow, so we have a married gay couple. Their kid asks them what marriage is for, and they're flummoxed? Just another evening at home with the Strawman family.
The Mothership - 2010-08-08
for real.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-08-09
It's because gay men don't really know how sex works. I have no idea what goes on behind your straight bedroom doors. I am guessing it has something to do with magic. Possibly a beam of light shoots out of the woman's crotch, sort of like that cave on the Lost island.

If a kid asked me about how babies are made, I think I would just forbid her to talk to other children about straight issues, ever. If she asked me what the point of marriage was, well, it's the brig for her!

Really, I went from being wildly offended to wildly amused by this video. 5 freaking stars.

phalsebob - 2010-08-08
You know what is confusing our children and destroying marriage? Old people getting married. Gross.
Cheese - 2010-08-08
5 because remember, THIS WORKED.
Meatsack Jones - 2010-08-08
Agreed, this is an actual example of what the American public listens to.


We are so dead.

Nikon - 2010-08-08
God damn, I don't want to believe Americans are this stupid

takewithfood - 2010-08-08
Uhm, so, wait, you don't want to confuse your kids? HAVE YOU READ THE FUCKING BOOK OF MORMON? Because I don't now if you noticed, but it's some pretty fucking insane shit.
Dread Pirate Roberts - 2010-08-08
Using a kid in this way is just sick. They might as well have just had her walking in on them ramming each other in the rear.

This is also the most uncomfortable gay couple I've seen anywhere.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-08-09
Really, it could double as a commercial for constipation relief.

Enjoy - 2010-08-08
What a load of crap. Gay men don't adopt.
Toenails - 2010-08-08
Yes, obviously she was kidnapped.

Gamara II - 2010-08-08
Maybe she's just their third roommate.

Screwtape - 2010-08-08
How many kids do you have again?

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-08-09
We multiply by budding.

roughnready66 - 2010-08-08
Marriage, guilt, babies, and gayness all seen from some weird Norman Rockwell perspective.
notascientist - 2010-08-08
Yes, all contrivances in society should be so fucking simple that they don't confuse a child.
eatenmyeyes - 2010-08-08
Are these supposed to be Gus and Wally from Mission Hill?
Twitch - 2010-08-09
Haha gheys.

Quad9Damage - 2010-08-08
Yessir, that's a pretty retarded argument. Marriages are for compulsive babymaking! Of course!
bias - 2010-08-08
I love how insane this is. If gays can get married think of the occasional awkward silences that might occur!! We have to make sure this scenario never comes to pass.
Xenocide - 2010-08-08
"Tax breaks, dear. Now go wash up for dinner."
urbanelf - 2010-08-08
Walker told me I have AIDS.
memedumpster - 2010-08-08
This is why two bottoms should never raise a child.
Robin Kestrel - 2010-08-08
Marriage is so you don't have to worry your pretty little head over all these questions, honey.
Goofy Gorilla - 2010-08-08
I don't get it. The guy was correct when he said you don't have to be married to have a baby. I'm sure it happens constantly in California. What you need to raise a healthy child is probably a stable social and legal construct that provides what children need year after year.

sosage - 2010-08-08
Gay Mormon marriage is probably awesome. What with polygamy and all.
pastorofmuppets - 2010-08-08
Marriage is so you can build up a fleet of wives to carry you to Kolob when you die.
cognitivedissonance - 2010-08-08
I like how they tastefully avoided the obvious reality of any gay adoption: the baby would be black.
Goethe and ernie - 2010-08-08
There seems to be a large logical gap between the bulk of the advert and the voiceover at the end that can only be filled with pure unrefined stupidity.
La Loco - 2010-08-08
Mormons, disliked slightly less than gay in the US.
Wander - 2010-08-08
My favorite part of this is imagining how uncomfortable those guys were pretending to be gay.
Rum Revenge - 2010-08-08
Then she went over to Billy's house. He only had a mom. When are Mormon's gonna spend millions to make a law against THAT?
paparatti - 2010-08-10
Marriage is for tax breaks and immigration status. Geez people, it's not that hard.
fluffy - 2010-08-10
Adham Nu'man - 2010-08-12
Marriage is so that two people who love each other can share their life, benefits and responsibilities.

See, it wasn't that hard. Now go lick some pussy kid.
IrishWhiskey - 2010-09-19
Gay married couple can't think of a reason to get married other than procreation. Then why the fuck were they married in the first place?

Imagine if this rhetorical device caught on:

6-year old: "Mister, why are you running for Governor?"
Actor representing Candidate: "I have no idea"
*awkward silence*
Tagline: Don't vote for Bob McGinnis. Or your kids might get confused.

6-year old: "Mister, why should I shop at Best Buy"
Actor as Best Buy Employee: "Beats the hell out of me."
*awkward silence*
Tagline: Shop CompUsa. Because we think that your kids might think that Best Buy can't think of a reason to shop there. And that's just confusing.
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