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Desc:Retarded guy with the most-watched YouTube videos in history is getting his own movie
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:nickelodeon, youtube, fred, dumb shit that kids love
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Comment count is 16
Do they run his voice through a vocal processor or something? He's like a real-life GIR.
Yes. And watching his videos is a lot like shoving salt coated plastic GIR toys in your ears.

Syd Midnight
This had better be 12-13 year old cool and not 15-16 year old cool
Wow. That guy is not comfortable with acting.
wtf japan
The entertainment industry is slowly realizing that gay tweens represent an untapped market.
Kids these days and their annoying as shit and obnoxious Nickelodeon programs. Not like when I was growing up, when we had All That, Keenan and Kel...... Amanda Bynes.......

Based on Daxflame?
Rodents of Unusual Size
It's shit like this that convinces me we are inching towards a dystopian future where idiots and non idiots live in separate cultures.
You wish.

The idiots will, as usual, be in charge. The non-idiots will keep things running out of a sense of duty, habit, or the realization that allowing the morons to collapse everything at once would probably teach them a lesson (how to die via not knowing how to procure food that isn't served with fries) but would also ruin it for the rest of the world.

Or the idiots would be gotten rid of and we'd die from a plague contracted from a particularly dirty telephone.

Oh my god shut the fuck up you boring classist fuck.

yeah bro morlocks and eloi

Rodents of Unusual Size
I was thinking of a Bradbury future where everybody watches awful television and devotes all their time to a holodeck with fake family members, namely Fred.

Rodents of Unusual Size
also, what Who Wants Dessert said.

i was about to protest that but for some reason i went downstairs and watched jersey shore.

quelle horror!

Huh. I didn't know being able to perform simple tasks like tying one's shoes without setting oneself on fire was "classist."

Frankly, it'd be awesome if our economic strata had some kind of intelligence test beyond "smart enough to hire a good accountant."

These stars are mainly for the slow spiral Nickelodeon has been in for the past 15 years.

Although, the trailer looks just vapid enough that it might be something stupidly hypnotic, like PeeWee's Big Adventure, or any of the Earnest movies.

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