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Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Anime, Android, WTF Japan, Wiiaboo Fit, body pillow
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one of the new Scientology ads, youtube comments will send shivers down your spine
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Caminante Nocturno
The ending is sadly poetic.
That's it. I'm getting an HTC.
Damnit, not only did I unknowingly submit a dupe, your tags are so much better.
Videos like this are just so dark. At least when some TFL guy is ranting about murdering women it's the kind of crazysad you can deal with and confront.

This is so slice-of-life. It's like watching a home video of Jeffrey Dahmer making a grilled cheese sandwich.
I couldn't bring myself to click the play button after seeing video thumbnail of the balding man about to do push-ups on the underage-girl-in-her-underwear pillow.
I was struck by the same sentiment

Killer Joe
Man up and laugh at the girl push ups.

Adham Nu'man
Tool t-shirt alert, Tool t-shirt alert.
Adham Nu'man
Oh no, it's not a Tool t-shirt. That's so disappointing.

WTF Japan, indeed.
It took me a solid minute to realize that this is rape-aerobics.

Jet Bin Fever
His little chubby bumped this up from 3. There's so much to be sad about in this video.
The main reason I submitted this is that he's using a Sony Ericsson XPeria X10, which is a phone I worked on. So even when it's been years since I've worked on Sprung, people still find a way to do make me feel ashamed about my work.
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