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Desc:I think if there is life after death in another life I was American.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:Brazil, White House, america, Britney Spears, teenager
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James Woods
Let's give the citizenship test to him and a random tea partier. Whoever scores higher can stay.
That's not fair, a hamster would get a higher score than the average tea party dreg.

I agree to this test, especially cause SolRo is very correct.

"What are the 3 branches of government?"

Republican, Democrat, Independent

"What was the Civil War fought over?"


Rodents of Unusual Size
Write to Britney, you're more likely to get a response.
So, he's a weeabo, but for America.

There has to be a name for those kinds of folks...
He explains the word in the video: It's "idiot"

The streets are paved with gold! That is why our deficit is so enormous.
Remember, America will only beat you when you deserve it, so when's dinner?
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