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Desc:Select scenes from Filipino kung-fu masterpiece, The Killing Of Satan
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:phillipines, Everything is Terrible, the killing of satan
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Comment count is 16
I want to see this movie.
Satan! Where the fuck did I leave him? Satan! Come out!
Satan, olly olly oxen free!

Snake Slap!
Take care now.
This is my video travelogue to Boracay, including the denim jacket.
he slap a snake
My only regret is that this does not include the full confrontation with the snake, wherein our hero, Lando, TIES THE SNAKE IN A KNOT AND STEPS ON IT.
This doesn't even have my two favourite scenes:

1) Satan and his demon henchmen show up at a village to fuck with them (seen at 0:18 in). One villager gets fed up and backtalks Satan, so he commands a demon to deal with the villager. The demon produces a handgun and shoots the villager.

2) That snake he was bitch-slapping is eventually dispatched with when he ties it into a knot and throws it like a sissy at the wall.
This could have been five times longer and still would have only contained a small sliver of what makes this film awesome.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Everything is AWESOME!
Dr. Lobotomy
I'm really curious to know where the whole psychic/psionic duel = staring at each while shaking and looking constipated started.

Was it Scanners or did some other visionary think it up?
I don't have enough stars for the clip itself, so here's five for the preview image.
Testicles of Doom
If you see your mom this weekend, be sure to tell her

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