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Desc:No, NOT 'The Real' Ghostbusters
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:PSA, gorilla, drugs, ghostbusters
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Caminante Nocturno
Notice the look on the dealer's face at 0:15. He's completely caught off guard by this new group, but at the same time he's sizing them up as potential customers.

"A Gorilla? Yeah, I can totally sell dope to a gorilla!"
I would sell you my remaining stars if I had any.

Yeah, stuffing him in a traschcan will stop his dealing forever. Or until he climbs out and after you.
I like how this is a PSA with no actual message. Kids will just be really confused when a gorilla doesn't show up the next time someone offers them drugs.
But that was the best dope money could buy!
Fine, I'll stay off drugs, like the 19th century explorers and talking gorilla told me to.
Yellow Lantern
He was just ASKING. You don't have to physically assault him.
Remember kids, violence is never okay. Unless a guy politely asks you if you want drugs in which case you should assault him.
The next time a techno lesbian offers me a plastic bag of purple pills and calls it dope, I'll consider it for a while until my peers show up and decide for me.
That's usually what I do.

How sad, the Ghostbusters nobody cared for or wanted...good riddance.
When I was 4 or however old I was when this show was on, I was so into Ghostbusters I didn't give a shit. I watched the hell out of this show. I'd have watched the Antiques Roadshow if they called it the Antiques Roadshow Ghostbusters.

I'm so into Antiques Roadshow that I'd watch the hell out of this if they call it Ghostbusters Antiques Roadshow.

Friday the 13th: The Series

I admit I've given the wrong answer a few times.
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