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Desc:Insane old man makes colossal, nightmarish eyesore. For Jesus
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:Paint, lol xians, eyesore, your art sucks, mojave desert
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 15
It looks like a crazypants web site wrapped around a hill.

I think its awesome.

They should make a show: Christians Do the Darnedest Things. Hosted by Cosby, of course.
Christians Do The Darnedest Things When They Have Collectively Agreed Charity Is No Longer A Virtue.

Make sure you don't build that thing too high Leonard. You know how He gets.
Let's celebrate god's creation by coating it in 75,000 gallons of paint.
Those hosts... my god. It's like they're inanity itself, given human form in order to teach us feeble humans a lesson. Imagine them interviewing someone without a crazy old man with a technocolor God dump to carry the segment.
Dear god, the voiceover is like something from Mr. Show. I kept waiting for some sort of punchline.
We can't get over how this guy in his 70's keeps it up! (4:00)
it's like paperrad puked on a hill
Adham Nu'man
Great video, thanks.
La Loco
Insane is a given for anyone who would live out there.
Is it the heat that makes them crazy, or did they move out into the heat because they were crazy to begin with? Take the Slab Rats, for instance.



Well, when it turns out that God actually IS the King of the Cosmos, he'll be the first one into Heaven.
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