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Desc:Some fedup folk counter-protest the Free Keene folk outside City Hall
Category:News & Politics, General Station
Tags:new hampshire, free state, Keene, Free Kenne, Libertairan douche bags
Submitted:Helena Handbasket
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Comment count is 10
spikestoyiu - 2010-08-23
I don't know what's going on here, but it's amazing how people can simultaneously act tough and be enormous babies. "You hit me with that, in my face."

Also, moobs... ? That's a dude, right?
memedumpster - 2010-08-23
I've been to Keene, people aren't different enough there to have factions. This whole exchange is confusing.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2010-08-23
Who are these people and why should I care?
Scynne - 2010-08-23

As a side note, I have those same headphones.
jreid - 2010-08-23
Tough guys chew gum with their mouths open.
roughnready66 - 2010-08-23
I had to look this one up. The guy on the left is a New Hampshire "Free Stater." Free staters are a libertarian group who seek to influence state and local politics by moving to states and localities with low populations in the hopes of swaying elections and politics through their newly emigrated masses. One of the places they have selected for their democratic experiment is Keene, NH. Apparently, local native residents, like the coffee shop owner on the right, are not always happy with free staters as they sometimes express themselves in an obnoxious manner.
standard8mm - 2010-08-23
I had to look it up too and still didn't get what is going on.

Bored - 2010-08-23
Basically the Libertarians claim to be "anti-violence" and advocate a "peaceful" protest. What they are, instead, is obnoxious and aggressive in ways that are actually not appropriate at all. For instance, they decided to go after a judge and his family, and a police officer by standing in front of their homes with candles, at night, while armed. That is an intimidation tactic.

In this video, one of the two prominent members (who is always going on about violent cops and such) is getting aggressive and fairly out of control when approached with the same obnoxious tactics they employ. The man with the beard is a local coffee shop owner, and what I find particularly ironic, probably fairly Libertarian himself in some regards.

The Libertarians in this town that are part of this movement like to do pretty shit, and finally locals are not putting up with them anymore.

Toenails - 2010-08-23

Two grown children.
cognitivedissonance - 2010-08-23
Libertarianism, as I understand it, is the most ignorant form of childish "I'M GONNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT!" sort of play. They seem to do whatever it takes to tell themselves consequences don't exist and then seem stupefied when they manifest.
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