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Desc:This is what Wendy's Employees actually believe.
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:wendys, soda, cold drinks, future hooker
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Comment count is 32
oh god the smoooth r and b voice.
I lost my shit when Barry White showed up.

i came here to do the super broker shuffle
Robin Kestrel
So that's what Linda Hamilton did before The Terminator.

I thought this was an ingenious viral until I noticed the discontinued Biggie cup.
wait. what. i havent been to a wendy's in years. there is no more biggie??? what about great biggie????

Vas is los no more biggie?

Pretty much all fast food joints dropped their extra large sizes after Super Size Me.

they could have found one! my ex never cleaned his room and i sure to this day, he still has one.

Don't worry fatties all is well with your giant sugar water cups. They don't call them Biggie or Super Size but they still exist. It's just that what used to be a Medium is now the Small, the Large is now the Medium and the Biggie is now called a Large. So now they're healthy again!

So be careful ordering a Medium drink these days because they're as big as your face.

il fiore bel
what the hell is this glorious shit
Paula, baby, before you head off to work...I was wondering...if you wanted, could we...make love, just one time before you head to Wendy's?

I just miss you during the day so badly, baby.
Ranma X.
Wow, and I thought Debbie Harry had the market cornered on awkward rapping by a blonde woman.
La Loco
Great emulation of Debbie's bad rapping in this.

Caminante Nocturno
Straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever
Oh, oh, oh
Or do you just want a biggie size
I'm not sure what's worse: that I remembered that song well enough to sing that comment as I read it, or that I now have that song stuck in my head.

At least it's not Ke$ha.

On the same boat with you Zarathustra00.

My boss is going to frown.
Rape Van Winkle
I am so uncomfortable now. I don't know how to star this.
I know I probably shouldn't be as turned on by this as I am.

im going need some 'me' time

Timothy A. Bear
Dont...put...your dick in the ice
Take my advice...you know it's not nice
I worked at McDonalds and though they told me never to use the cup to fill it with ice, it was still faster than the scoop so I used the cup anyways.
I was told with utmost seriousness that the scoop would freeze and shatter in the glass, and the metal shards would get in the drink and people would choke.

By a member of the local health board, no less.

I also worked at McD's during my teen years; on my last day I put a patty of 'meat' in the very bottom of the ice container thing and they didn't find it for a few weeks. I heard from my friend still working there that someone got in big trouble for that.

correction you work at McDonalds

woah there!!! Badass Rebels everywhere!!!

I pissed myself. I am not ashamed.
Desperately need to activate the 'future hooker' tag.
That guy
...especially because of the way she says 'do it' at the very end.

7 of 9 NOOOOOOOO!!!
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