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Desc:Workprint footage from the infamously unfinished killer bear sequel. Not featured: killer bear.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Concert, 80s, war, action, grizzly
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revdrew - 2010-08-28
"Grizzly II: The Predator (also known as Predator: The Concert) is a 1987 horror film sequel to the popular Grizzly. The film is notable for featuring the debut of future superstars George Clooney, Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern in small supporting roles. Despite a large amount of footage being shot, the film has never been officially released in theaters or on home video.

The film centers on Park Ranger Hollister (Steve Inwood), who is at odds with the Park supervisor (Louise Fletcher) over a large rock concert that is going to be held in the area. Hollister fears that the local grizzly population might be a danger to the attendees. When a grizzly kills a local poacher and three teens, Hollister begins to track the bear with the help of a bear activist (Deborah Raffin) and a local bear hunter named Bouchard (John Rhys-Davies). In addition, four poachers set out together to try and trap the bear, hoping to gain the 0,000 reward money. But the alleged 18-foot grizzly makes it way to the rock concert, making the climatic showdown all the more personal for Hollister as his daughter (Deborah Foreman) is working there backstage.

Grizzly II was shot in Hungary in 1983. Principal photography was completed for the most part with the grizzly effects to be added in later. According to special effects man Nick Maley, the "main unit shots were essentially complete and we had not started to film the effects miniatures that we were planning when we were suddenly told the movie was pulling out of Hungary."

Grizzly II is often considered an urban legend in horror film history with false reviews popping up. Despite not being finished, a workprint of the film did surface in 2007. This rough version features all of the live action footage but is missing nearly all shots of the bear. A review of the workprint appeared on the genre review site Critical Condition. The film is described as interesting for the sole fact the "cast contains such well-known names as George Clooney, Charlie Sheen, Louise Fletcher, Laura Dern, Deborah Raffin, John Rhys-Davies, Dick Anthony Williams, Charles Cyphers, Marc Alaimo and Jack Starrett."

Barbie Wilde, the Female Cenobite from 'Hellbound: Hellraiser II', is also featured in the film as a robotic drummer in the concert band."

Apparently the film was aborted due to financing being pulled, and the crew's personal equipment was confiscated by the Hungarian government.

More info here (at the bottom): http://www.badmovieplanet.com/unknownmovies/reviews/fvi2.html
kingarthur - 2010-08-29
John Rhys-Davies was slumming it even back then.

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