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Desc:Ben is a classic POE exhibit, fire alarm enthusiast and superfan of "Today's Special".
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:chicago, Family Matters, portal of evil, urkel, ben schumin
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Urkel Forever
Wait. Is this guy saying something bad about Urkel? URKEL!?
Ben Schumin.

I could have sworn Urkel lived in the house to the right of the Winslows

Was it ever established more specifically than he lived "next door?"

Schuminweb sounds exactly like I imagined he would.
I just looked at his channel and Schumin is looking old. I wonder if the whole anarchist / black flag thing was too hard on him.
Dear God, you're right. He looks like he's in his late 40s. It's not just the hairline, it's....everything.

He's fucking insane. The house used for exterior shots has dick to do with what was shot on a soundstage in LA. Not to mention his mental geography of the Winslow's house is a little sad.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before I knew of POE, I trolled him on AIM. He would block me and then wait a few days and unblock me and ask why I was being rude to him. He was so used to people being his "friends" and also being abusive, he thought it was just a part of friendship.
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