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Desc:Millions of Japanese people and some people in North Carolina are catching thousands of these.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:butterflies, iphone, ibutterfly, conspiracy fodder
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Comment count is 22
The Cowboy Bebop movie coupon.
"I have a great idea! People wont firebomb our corporate headquarters for putting pop-up ads in reality if they look like butterflies!"

"Are you sure?"


"Fuck it, let's do this!"
James Woods
augmented reality is so cool, but jesus...

If I'm on a date with a girl she stops the date to catch a butterfly cheeseburger coupon with a big swiping motion I will not go out on another date with her, but I can see how this technology could do some pretty amazing things, like you're sitting at your desk and your phone rings and you have to look how the window and you see the city skyline.

Mothra flies by, smashes into the Sears Tower, and wishes you a happy birthday from your girlfriend, cleavage is not superimposed on your desk lamp.

I have no idea how I was able to massacre that post with typos so badly.

I sincerely want an augmented reality system where you can aim it at the sky at night and see the constellation images and star names in the sky. Then, when you point it at the ground, it removes the earth and shows you the sky on the other side of the planet.

But we get this.

My guess would be one-hand typing may have contributed.

I meant about the typos.

If you abandon that date without first taking advantage of that cheeseburger coupon, then you are a fool.


There are a million ways this could help education and/or make the actual world more of a playground, but as long as its not open source and free, that's not going to happen.

The company I work for is tied up in this, especially the barcoding stuff that is being translated into 3D models on your iThing. I have this weird idea that governments and corporations will pay the centralized augmented reality software to make it impossible to take a picture or see certain things at certain times. It definitely tweaks the paranoia nerve.

memedumpster, see Google Sky Map for Android, which does exactly what you want.



Is there an iphone version of this?

What're the odds it took a team of like thirty people to come up with the name?
everytime i'm almost convinced i need to buy an iphone, i'm saved. thanks poetv. :)
0:08-0:12 are like something from the trailer of a second tier dystopian sci-fi move from the mid 90s.

I wonder just how many iPhones have been broken from overexcited people using this program.
BLISS product

Anyone remember Mark Osborne's "More"?
Woah, thanks for the inadvertent recommendation. It combines two of my loves: Claymation and a deep unabashed disdain for the hypnotizing effect of consumer technology without utility.

For the lazy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhEOxrnIM5s

Err, I wasn't really trying to be pretentious, but I would make fun of me for that post.

"Ow, my carpal tunnel syndrome."
"How did you get that?"
"From trying to catch butterflies with my phone."
A coupon for Chris-chan?
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