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Desc:Pall Willeaux has some problems.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:Tim and Eric, will forte, pall willeaux, murder me
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Comment count is 17
MACGRUBER! Making life-saving inventions out of household materials!

MACGRUBER! Stilted dialogue is funny if you do it intentionally!

MACGRUBER! Throw in blood and random violence! MACGRUBER!
You like Hot Rod.

So did Roger Ebert and pretty much everybody who actually saw it. Compared to Tim & Eric, which is loved by noone yet costs roughly an episode so Adult Swim just keeps making it.

Jesus, just stop

Get cancer and get it now, you worthless piece of human garbage.

-walks up to Millerman13 and makes a KAH-RAZY face, the camera zooming in dramatically-

Get cancer? What makes you think I. Don't. Have. It. ALREADY?! And it's CONTAGIOUS?!

-suddenly Millerman explodes in a low-budget fiasco of corn syrup, coating WHO WANTS DESSERT in fake blood and guts-

-Tim & Eric flash a thumbs-up from behind the camera, while across the country thousands of college-aged stoners chortle heartily and then take a hearty bonghit-


Woah dude, we were just kidding. Sheesh, point taken. Tim and Eric are obviously inferior to fucking Dick in the Box.

I should have known that nothing is as funny as a SNL actor and his friends making a Hollywood flop and being known only for making an album Weird Al wouldn't wipe his ass with!

BTW, you know whose side Weird Al is on? Oh I don't know, why don't you ask UNCLE MUSCLES???

P.S. I'm quite loving this whole Tim and Eric Cabal vs. the Hot Rod Cabal thing we have going on the site now. Gives me something pointless to have nerd-rage over.

Just take the 6 hours needed to watch Tim and Eric Nite Live. You might have to search for it, but you'll be a better person for it. Fuck you and your corn syrup/college stoner categorizations. If only you had the faintest of ideas, philistine.

Guys, this one actor in this sketch was in something else that wasn't good!

Guys? Guys?

(acts stupid and makes a retarded face)
La Loco
When I was young, stoner hummer used to stand for something! Damn kids, get of my lawww...interwebs!
Random = funny
Tim and Eric.

This really isn't that good a Tim And Eric skit (or even the best Will Forte skit), but 5 for Dessert's mental breakdown over a television show.
this site brought me around to understanding/appreciating tim and eric but i have noticed a pattern where they really just phone it in when they have a celebrity guest in a skit (excluding ted danson and zach galifinakis)
Or Paul Rudd

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