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Desc:Unmedicated packrat unveils the first RV/sedan/deathtrap hybrid ever.
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:Steaurus 2000, taurus, packrat, this will end badly
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Comment count is 18
This brings tv shows about hoarding to a whole new level.

Also, I like how he was hit by 5000 volts but he's ok now.
that's probably happened to him a dozen times.

Who needs a girlfriend?

He blacked out for a few minutes, then recovered. No biggy.

[Everything] is one hell of a drug.
Mike Tyson?!
At least he kept the wiring really clean!
I'm surprised "this will end badly" is not a linked tag.
Binro the Heretic
How the fuck can he stand to sit in that thing? All those hoarding shows with the narrow passages winding between pillars of crap always freak me out. I can't even stand to watch them. This guy sits in that tiny little cavity with live wiring all around him and drives down the road in that shit?
What happens when he needs to make a turn? The windows are all blocked up with shit.

Ah, just go for it, that kid I saw has probably moved by now

The fadeout of him eagerly eating that tv dinner is just depressing.
Yeah, he even mentions the reason for the clips depressive nature during the fadeout. Damn unimaginative mad scientists!

Hol-ee shit
This guy is so ready for the post-apocalypse.
That's what I kept thinking, while imagining myself starving in a radiated ditch somewhere.

he replaced the airbag with a subwoofer
This ... this is something special.
I like his hat.
Aggro Craig
He took this on the Dream Cruise, I can only imagine what all the classic car owners thought of this...thing rolling by.
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