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Desc:Do you have what it takes to make a trillion dollars by using the power of the future??
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:scam, infomercial, economics, Baby boomers
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Comment count is 18
People who were positioned correctly in the 70s blew all their money on coke in the 80s.
And people positioned correctly in the 80's blew all their money on meth in the 90's

"Youth, anti-aging, health, wellness, all these words have different meanings, but not in the future!"

I am deeply insulted by this advertisement.
Urkel Forever
Somebody's never gonna be a trillionaire. Sucker!

NO! Yes I will! I'll, uh... use THE PAST!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
stock footage inc.

Dread Pirate Roberts
Boomers are responsible for the housing boom AND the Spots Utility Vehicle?!

Guess that makes sense, given that the baby boomers are dying off, and so are SUVs and housing...
Dread Pirate Roberts

Also, stars.

The Townleybomb
For those of you who are not into math:

I'm not into math, but VCRs and Baby Boomers? That's 300%!


Wow you mean to say that an aging population would have a corresponding effect on senior health care related stocks? SHIT WHERE DID I PUT THAT MILLION I COULD INVEST IN STUFF???
They're not content to have fucked up the planet for the last 50 years, now they want immortality.
I bought a VCR in 1970. Now I own Sweden.
Just think, though: had you bought two VCRs, you could own TWO Swedens. Harsh missed opportunity, man.

I will give you a trillion future dollars for it!

I suddenly understand an already funny episode of Space Ghost a whole lot better.
A trillion people are using the internet right now.

It's the episode named 'Joshua'. Can't find a place to watch it online, but if you have other ways, watch is as a companion piece.

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