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Tags:ballet, Joey Boots, you cant film me
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Comment count is 31
This was posted on Gawker a couple of weeks ago, and I was actually shocked to find most of the comments fell on the "Joey Boots is a scumbag, but he's right" side of the fence. YES, I READ GAWKER.
Innocent Bystander
In terms of the law he is, I s'pose. Being creepy as fuck isn't illegal.

Yeah, what kind of pervert wants to watch a hot, fit seventeen year old in short shorts throw her legs up in the air?

For the record, Joey Boots is gay.

Starts at 2:45 btw. To save you guys time.

Jet Bin Fever
Calling this guy a videographer is a stretch. He's just a fat asshole with a camera who un-ironically uses "goober."
Calling this a photoshoot is also a stretch.

saying she was stretching is also a stretch

Enjoy!!! :D

If ever there was a time to read the youtube comments, I assure you that time is now.
@Luckilius oh so touchy arent we? very mature you are.

and Yankee Rednecks are the FUCKING WORLDS WORST inbred cornfed retard mongoloids.

Time Travel Mishap
Don't touch my camera goooober. Don't touch my camera goooober. Don't touch my camera goooober. Don't touch my camera goooober.
Don't touch my camera, goober.
You ran over my foot.

Yeah, seems that the guys coming to the girl-who-is-doing-scandalous-poses-in-public's defense actually did commit minor forms of assault, here...

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
White Knight Syndrome

Five just for such a gorgeous woman.
He should have spit on his lens.
I'm not a lawyer, but that would probably be considered assault. These videos are so fucking aggravating, because there is always one side that deserves to wind up at least shoved...but fear of the possible legal ramifications turns it into a big "I'm not touching you!" fest.

like i need another reason to hate new york
Needs "butts" tag, goober.
Who are we supposed to be hating, here? I mean, yeah, everyone involved, but who are we supposed to hate most?
That guy
You're supposed to hate them all the best!

I'll properly assess what's going on when I find out what the photos are being taken of (other than her, obviously) and for what reason. Art? Promos for a dance studio brochure/website? What's going on here?
Binro the Heretic
It's a big aggregate of awfulness.

All of these people are terrible to some degree.
I hate this kind of shock-jock OOH THE ASSHOLE CHARACTER bullshit, but fuck these people. "You're NOT ALLOWED TO FILM HER!" What? It's a fucking public street dipshits.
Of course he is allowed to film her just as they are allowed to stand in his way.

Honestly I can't see the problem here. If you don't want weirdos to film your goods, don't put them on display in public.
He could have taken the chair and the model someplace else where people aren't such self-righteous assholes.
http://cdn.fd.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Joey-Boots-Ste rn-Show.jpg

could pass as mic audio from an Xbox Live gaming session
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
She's only 17 but she's old enough for Kip Winger.
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