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Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Anime, Shooting, schoolgirls, WTF Japan
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Time Travel Mishap
Im going to assume ? ? ? is the name of the game. it fits.
Skip to about 4:00 if you want to just get to the game and avoid the ludicrously long intro.
Just give me a game where we can shoot moe-obsessed otakus.
...So, any popular FPS online will do.

I will unironically play the shit out of this game.
At 5:54 the lady looks like she's going to break down in embarrassed/apologetic tears.
And now here are some real women, with minor imperfections, visceral life-like image, and trace amounts of individuality. They are gross.
Georgie Porgie?
So, the girls in the game are trying to give you love letters or something, and you have to .. stop them? With a gun that shoots sparkly stars? And you're also a girl?

What the hell. That's not even creepy, just retarded.
K. Brass
Heh heh. I got yer Gal Gun right here! YEAH! You know what I'm talking about.
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