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Desc:Judge Judy, Aaron Sorkin style
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:judge judy, toilet
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Comment count is 17
Nowhere near as funny as it was slowed down.
Syd Midnight
All it proves is that weed is better than speed

I still don't understand why the plaintiff -- regarding the question of "breaking" versus "being broken" -- didn't just point to the defendant and say, "That's all the evidence I need right there."
Speed court. It makes the justice system run much more swiftly.
Judge Judy sounds like Martin Scorsese
yeah, the ending is what got me.

I like the idea of Speed Court (swift justice) as Quad mentioned, but having seen this in the slow mode...it just doesn't live up to that level of entertainment
If you do something one way and it works, then it follows that doing the opposite of that should also work!

Anyone see any logic flaws?
HAHAHAHA i meant to one star fucking fail.

so two logic flaws are presented, i guess?

where do you even get this from. it's like saying a movie prequel is a "logic flaw" because it opposes the original timeline, or that an inverted curve enhancement in photoshop is a "logic flaw" because it's the other way around, or that you are a fucking retarded assbag

tip: words mean things

Here, have mine.

Funny is drunk Judge Judy.
yeah yeah fuck me for thinking cokeheads are funnier

Caminante Nocturno
In the slow-motion version, the voices are what made it.

In this version, it's the hand gestures Judge Judy makes.

You people need to understand this before more blood is shed.
I haven't seen the slowed-down version so I was able to like it for what it is.
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