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Desc:John Dennis melts a crude caricature of his opponent, success surely follows.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:witch, nancy pelosi, John Dennis, Literal Strawman
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Comment count is 15
I'm from Kansas and I wish some asshole from cali would figure out how used up The Wizard of Oz reference has become in politics, movies, lit, and other stuff. 5 for the evil.
My stars are for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Lion at 0:03.
The Mothership
what the fuck does "obligatory McCain-Feingold-incumbent-protection-mandated message" mean?

Stars for the awful animation and hackneyed credit card motifs.

But the IRS winged monkeys are cute though, huh?
I heard on the news that many of these tea party republicans are former owners of car dealerships.

It sure explains the quality of and writing behind their ads.
You, voter. Yeah, you.

I believe you have the intellect of a child, and can only express complex political situations to you in terms of a popular musical for children.

My next ad will be about explaining the Feminist Pro-Death Atheist Agenda in terms of "Star Trek".
for you

I fucking hate politics. God damn it.
This youtube comment keeps getting voted up, hopefully it stays at the top forever. Do you think they know that liberalism, Marxism, fascism, socialism, nazis, and dictatorships are different, often diametrically opposed, things? Also, Nazi Pelosi.

"Nazi Pelosi is a 70 year old wicked with of the west as she is in the only district, the furthest left liberal marxist  fascist brainwashed area of San FranPsycho that re-elects the botox junkie time & time again

I commend John Dennis for running against her, however, he should run in a more competitive district down south

the political tsunami is coming November 2, 2010 to end the Obama socialist dictatorship as he will get the change he can believe in"
Cena Mark?

No, Cena Mark can spell (which is how you know he is fake)

That fucking country.
Wish I could give extra stars for the strawman tag.

Maggot Brain
Bucket of Freedom!
It's every lame political cartoon ever made put to motion.
John Holmes Motherfucker
So much more fresh and original than "Hillary Clinton, Wicked Witch of the West", and "Sarah Palin, Wicked Witch of the West".
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