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Desc:Cinco is a great company.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Tim and Eric, cinco
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Comment count is 24
He travels constantly, and often
Would have been funnier without the cleaning guy.
Jerry Stiller's mexicoplasty turned out pretty well.
I don't clean, I'm not Cleam

Haha, pee.
Tim and Eric start out with a good joke but then have to keep on adding one more thing until it just becomes dumb. They're worse than The Onion.
My thoughts exactly. I thought it was pretty funny as an ad, but then the cleaning guy showed up and started to ruin it, and his refusal to notice they were on a set for several minutes killed the rest of my laugh.

Hi i'm a tim and eric critic and I have some important ideas about what is funny.
Haters don't understand absurd humor. I feel bad for them.
lovers don't understand absurd humor. i feel bad for them.

Maybe if Juxtapoz or Pitchfork wrote a really good article about T&E, then more people would be allowed to like them.
Thanks for the embarrassing contribution.

If they were funny, more people would like them.

yeah I'm sure this would suck less if I just knew more about the creators.


Most people think Friends is the best sitcom ever and many people
still make Monty Python references in my work place and think that's really funny, so you have no ground to stand on glasseye.

I went to high school with Eric. He was in some really great local bands (Elements of Need, Ink & Dagger) that I was a big fan of. I bought a bass from him at one point. I still don't think this show is all that funny.

most people are correct in preferring monty python over this crap, monty python knew how to do absurd humor - no matter how many nerds quote them nowadays


I once met this guy that met Eric and thought this show wasn't funny.
I still think this show is funny.

And if you've seen Monty Python three trillion times and you watched late night tv and public access in high school/junior high a lot during the 90s then you would find this funny too.


Essentially T&E are the new Ernie Kovacs in the sense that their humor is accompanied by a lot of inside jokes and technohumor and most of their humor is so weird that the world is divided between people that hate/don't understand them and people who enjoy the ride.

Typing about Tim and Eric.
this having a lower score than most fucking cat videos makes about as much sense as being involved in the tea party.
i think...yes...next time i decide i want my period at a certain time, im going to post a tim and eric video because it just makes all of you instantly menstruate with insane rage.
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