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Desc:What is this I don't even
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Belgium, princess eleonore, weird obsession, next John Hinckley Jr
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Comment count is 9
I have quite a few questions, actually.

What is "Californic?"
Is he a fake? He has a similar video for a teen Disney star with perfect spelling and grammar, while this one varies from passable ESL to mental disability in its use of English.

Then again, I can't image what the point of a fake profile like this would be.

Mister Yuck
I'm guessing it's a kid, and this is a project for English class.
Mister Yuck
Notice he's using a lot of the same tense. It's an exercise in the future conditional, I think.

From his profile and other videos, I'd guess he's a special person.

Judging from his video "Finding Swords you want cheapest price" I'm leaning towards Hinckley on this one.

Also, then her limo could be chased high speed into a crash by paparazzi and Princess Eleonore would die. And she will inspire a new candlic in the wind song.

That's it she will do.
Inexplicably, I love this clip
He has her whole life planned out for her. If she doesn't do things in exactly this way, he is going to abduct her and make sure it happens the right way.

If Barney and Friends is canceled before the year 2018, he will personally see to it that it continues.
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