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Desc:Why you should never sit in the front row at a deadlift competition.
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:weightlifting, deadlift, boomer!, blender with no top
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Comment count is 16
The Mothership
At least it wasn't her shoulder that was leaking.
At least she did not get a prolapse.

"Remember folks, the first six rows are The Splash Zone!"

and she soldiers through, never stopping her lift, not even pausing really.
she is a pro

Oh yeah dude, i got splashed! I'm not washing this shirt ever!
Weight lift events are like GWAR concerts that way.

I hate it when the Youtube title spoils a video.
usually I agree, but in this video I think it helps to know what's coming.

split tail
I think I'm more shocked that they applauded.
That androids fluid is getting all over the place
a flaming monkey
With a title like 'female weightlifting mishap' I was expecting a baby to fall out of her.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Is Jim Carrey still doing that old bit?
does puking happen all the time in deadlift competitions? how is puking all over everyone a "mishap" i thought that a mishap would be dropping the barbell or falling. mishap is something stupid that dead souless man who replaced bob saget would say before another video of a kid throwing a football into his dad's crotch.

this is not a mishap. this is something else entirely.
Actually, puking during weightlifting competitions is way more common than you think. It's only a google search away...

no no no and no again

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