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Desc:At least there's just one each.
Category:Video Games
Tags:fatalities, voice acting, bad video games, Bloodlust Software, Timeslaughter
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Gary Busey doesn't want to wear a straight jacket, would rather wear an endocrine system like a hat.
ahahahahahahaha shut up
Show RESPECT to me, 'C'CWC
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The Time Slaughter endings, also on YouTube, are pretty amazing, too.
I didn't have to get past Chi's taunt before I clicked on five.
I had a big demo collection disc from the 90's called games empire with like 300 shareware games on it. One or two of these bloodlust games were on it and even when compared to the biggest garbage on there, the bloodlust games were the worst, hands down.
Lazarus Wins! That is by far the best use of a bagpipe I've seen in years.
The Mothership

I can't believe these same people made arguably the first decent NES emulator a few years later.
Oh, is THAT why NESticle had the stupid blood-dripping hand mouse cursor? I always wondered about that.

Being able to code a decent emulator has nothing to do with being able to come up with good gameplay ideas, draw art, do voice acting, and so on. Emulation is actually pretty straightforward, as long as you're on a straightforward CPU (which the 6502 is) and not going for cycle-accuracy (and I don't recall NESticle being cycle-accurate). The main weirdness with the NES is the various MMCs but there's only a handful you have to deal with to cover the vast majority of games.

Neckbeard reply.

Jet Bin Fever

Now we understand why it was called NESticle

All I'm saying is, next time you use a save state, remember these guys.

Innocent Bystander
It's Offensive Stereotype Kombat.
Wow, I had completely forgotten about this crap until this clip was posted. Oh, to be 13 again.
Jet Bin Fever
I think its the relaxed voice acting that makes the piles of gore all that more satisfying.
I am sorry me hitting you so hard make you die.

Oh, so Vlad uses one of those stupid stake traps in Hexen I always managed to stand directly on top of and get myself killed with like a moron.
The best.
The high point: Savage's taunt.

Caminante Nocturno
Why does Pierre sound Indian?
The Mojombo fart.
Big Muddy
It's like ICP: The Video Game, which is remarkably ironic considering this is leagues better than ICP featured games.
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