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Desc:'I haven't slept yet so I'm going to be a little loopy'.
Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:nerd, awesome, star trek, Enterprise, minecraft
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Comment count is 21
I literally just finished watching an episode of TNG.
Five stars of synergy.
Innocent Bystander
This guy's voice sounds like a bad impression of a nerd.
what ? why ?
This is good autism.
what, no aspergers tag?
Aspergers; The Next Generation.

This has to be fake, that monstrosity is so beyond what a non-idiot savant human can do.

It really, really doesn't seem fake. All the different angles and perspectives would take much more time to fake than it would to just sit down and make it.

Can you fly in mine craft? I'd like to see the saucer section up close.

I mean faked with some other software, the minecraft look wouldn't exactly be hard to duplicate.

Actually, there are map-making programs for Minecraft that let you import designs from other software. That's what he did, according to his comments on the video.

Yup, he cheated a bit which is why you get the nerd tag and not the assburgers tag. It should look pretty majestic when it's finished, though.

Frank Rizzo
he cheated? lolerballs

Cheat or no, color me impressed.
the only other exposure ive had to minecraft is that other video on here where the guy is showing you how to build a fireplace and burns his house down, so my 5 stars are for whomever enters this gentleman's world and burns his enterprise down.

5 for his nerdful build up to the unveiling
Five stars for effort, minus one star for not being built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars.
That's like taking Riker out of TNG and replacing him with a flat breasted boy. Not cool.

I think that's what they did in the TNG anime, except he was also a crossdresser.

If it's cool with Riker, it's cool with Starfleet.

Is it me or does he nod the camera in game as he speaks?
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