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Desc:Wow, his anti-bullying movement even has sponsorship.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Chris Chan, trolls, wait for it...
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Comment count is 11
ItsAboutTime - 2010-10-01
It's funny to me that he shows a certain sense of humor, but at the same time doesn't seem to have enough emotional intelligence to break through his vicious circle of getting "trolled".
I also cannot at all grasp why people are still putting effort into making his life worse. He is misguided and far from likeable, but surely there must be better targets.
I have officially stopped five starring his shit until he either appears in a real documentary, or has another surprise like the sports-bra.
Riskbreaker - 2010-10-01
He's an easy target, even a 13 year old trolled him, hard. At this point they are recycling scripts from previous seasons.

kingofthenothing - 2010-10-01
I'm starting to think he is some sort of genius. That can't be good for me.
memedumpster - 2010-10-01
One day there will be the Christian Weston Chandler Internet Decency Act and no one will speak of it, because to question it will be a felony.

Smellvin - 2010-10-01
Oil of Olay is reaching a bit in its new all-out viral advertising campaign. You'd think a soap company would do some research into its "promoters" (such as whether they exercise basic hygiene) before shelling out cash.
Nikon - 2010-10-01
Curiously specific denial there, Chris-chan.
PetroniousJSweetpits - 2010-10-01
Have you ever seen Chris Chan and Quentin Tarantino together?

Or Fred West and Tom Jones?

Or etc etc et al.
SassmasterSmith - 2010-10-01
This is Chris chans Internet, message brought to you by an iPod tocuh
NewHeavenSalesman - 2010-10-01
I'm as a big a fan of Chris-Chan as any, but this sweetheart saga, aside from the blackface, just hasn't been delivering.
RocketBlender - 2010-10-01
I think it's pretty funny that the guy he's taunting is 'Lars.'

First Surfshack Tito and now this, I wonder if he'll catch on before the entire cast of Rocket Power trolls him.

jimmicampkin - 2010-10-01
It is a relief to know that he doesn't clean himself with animals and semen, although I wish I could believe him.

It is also nice to see him in a good mood.

I still can't get over the term 'Troll'. I still think of something from Lord of the Rings sitting in an internet cafe, grunting and dribbling. Oh, SNAP.
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