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Desc:A look into a strange and unfamiliar world where words mean things.
Category:Educational, News & Politics
Tags:Tea Party, economics, NPR, socialism, Sarah Palin
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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John Holmes Motherfucker
These pictures are, quite literally, the first things that popped up in a Google Image search of "socialism".

I'll be posting a similar video today on the word "libertarian". These days, every conservative says he's a libertarian. Does he know that means he supports gay marriage, opening up the borders, and using the military only to defend against invasion of the homeland? .
B-B-But... Socialism means EVIL!!
It also means Communist and Nazi!!!
Urkel Forever
Tea Party: "I'm angry as hell about things I don't know the first thing about, and I'm not going to take any more."
In this era of the Red corporatist party and the Blue corporatist party, labels of yore are rather misleading. For instance, there are still a few classical conservative pundits about: Kevin Phillips, Paul Craig Roberts, sometimes Pat Buchanan; but for the most part those who chose the label now are all theocrats and neocons, and far from the tradition of Burke. Obamacare and his predecessor's Medicare part D are both corporatist measures.

Cultural right Republicans have pretty cleverly co-opted anti-corporatist popular sentiment that was one root of the early Tea Party discontent, but they're equally likely to disappoint that constituency once in power.
Urkel Forever
Dear Andrew Sullivan,

Shut up.

Urkel Forever

Who is that? More a Counterpunch reader myself.

Anyway, actual socialist legislation would be more effective and a LOT shorter than the 2000+ page monstronsities like Obamacare or Dodd-Frank. It took hundreds of corporate lobbyists to write those.

The McK
Any chance we could also get a video on what "corporatist" actually means?

Unfortunately, most videos I've found prominently feature Ron Paul, and while I find Paul insightful on a number of subjects, he is a bit of a running joke hereabouts. I'd recommend the wiki entry, or better still, this article from 2002:


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