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Desc:Probably not but miss Megyn's all conservative hot and bothered
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:fox news, Megyn Kelly, Justin Bieber, then i saw her face, now im a belieber
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Comment count is 19
I hope this makes a lot of tea party parents ban Bieber's music from their homes and alienate their children from the movement a little.
Look, the show either depicts a group that is nothing like the Tea Party, or they are using a celebrity to draw attention to a negative depiction of the Tea Party. You can't have it both ways.

Megyn Kelly spent two weeks shouting "RACE WAR! RACE WAR'S ON EVERYBODY!" when the Justice Department declined to prosecute two black people who stood around in a black neighborhood with the purpose of intimidating white people, but failing to do so over two years ago. She's not right-wing, she's 'Alex Jones/Andrew Breitbart' wing.

Here's an article about how the Tea Party went from Libertarian roots, to nothing but social conservative fear-mongering with no real small government aspirations:

New poll sez 71 percent of Republicans have a positive impression of the tea party. Thus, they now represent the core membership of the GOP.

Remarkable. With just one crazy news network, two rich guys, and one black president, they have gone from an outspoken fringe group to a serious political force in two years. I think the tea party is the most significant thing to happen in American politics in a long time, even if they don't start winning elections.

Slow and steady wins the race war.

for notascientist

it's both sad and hilarious (sadlarious) that the extremist right-wing group as represented in the CSI clip is -more- reasonable than the actual Tea Party
John Holmes Motherfucker
An anti-government right wing terrorist? That could never happen.

It's only a dig at the tea party if the people at the rallies are all in costume, as if for some Right-wing version of Let's Make a Deal.
The Mothership
Oh Lars, whatever happened to the fresh-faced boy who used to deliver my local Portland news? Oh, you turned into a right-wing radio fuck after you got fired for being a shit journalist.
John Holmes Motherfucker
From the comments:

The reason why this Justin Bieber is important because "illuminati"/elite have programmed him such as: Madonna, Britney Spears, Jonas Bros, etc. They are all programmed/used as propaganda tools to "teach" us how to behave, act, dress. They are tools to "form" the human race. If you idolize them, you become them.

"Illuminati" = Jews, right?
Considering that the person who made that comment is probably an Alex Jones fan, then yes Illuminati = Jews

Actually America being programmed to act like Britney Spears makes a large amount of sense.

"Coming up next - how the Radical Left-Wing Media is running scared of the truths about the lunatic environmentalist fringe contained in the series premiere of RUNNING WILDE!"
I'm curious to know the ratio of "question headlines" to "statement headlines" on Fox News.
Fox News: Too Many Loaded Questions?

Keep shaking your head blobneck.
The Tea Party is just a giant GOP coming out party.
Oh Megyn, honey, the only thing you're an expert on is taking dicks in every hole at the same time.
Stay classy

"You want ratings, rip a story from the headlines!"

Um...the Tea Party is all over the headlines!


Megyn's still a cunt.
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