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Desc:I've been told this is the normal form for Vancouver City council meetings. Gets going about 9:00.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:vancouver, free speech, jeanne stewart
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Comment count is 23
Frank Rizzo
jesus canada, even your meltdowns are boring.

This is in Vancouver, WA. Notice the American flag in the background?

Frank Rizzo

Syd Midnight
They should change their name to Bad Vancouver.

Wow, I didn't know there was a worse Vancouver. Real Vancouver is going to be thrilled.

five for your fuckup

Here's an update:

http://www.kgw.com/news/Ethics-committee-recommends-punishment -for-Vancouver-city-council-member-104133574.html

POETV's comment system puts a space after recommends-punishment , the correct URL should be punishment-for-Vancouver without a space, not punishment -for-Vancouver.


I'm not sure what kind of power Jeanne Harris thinks she has, but it has clearly gone to her head.
Jeanne Harris and Mayor Levitt have perfected their Bad Cop/Nebbish Cop routine.

Also, this is a really weird issue from what I can gather. Apparently the group of citizens that are so adamant about being heard are opposed to the extension of a Light Rail Line from Portland into Vancouver and the road tolls that will be levied to pay for it. This seems like a pretty reasonable idea to me, but the politics of any city hardly ever exist in the realm of reason.
I rather like the blond council member.
The Mothership
I was born and raised here, so here's the jist of it:

Vancouver is a backwater suburb of Portland known for its lack of culture and right-wing leanings (most conservative county in WA state). Full of anti-tax loonies who are afraid of the Big City. If light rail makes it across the river, so the argument goes, 'urban types' who don't share 'Vancouver values' will infiltrate our small, upstanding community. Combine this with the fact that unemployment is at 14%, and a great majority of people work in Portland and commute across two crumbling bridges, and also the fact that people like these protesters refuse to have their taxes raised to pay for new bridges. They want a big bridge for cars, no trains, and they want it for free.
Leavitt ran on a no-tax, no bridge toll program pandering to these sorts, and since there is no possible way that he can deliver it he is actively trying to delay and undermine any sensible bridge proposals.
Not knowing anything about this town or issue, I figured out everything you just said the moment the one guy speaking used that term "flower child" to describe the people in favor of the toll.

I live in Portland, and Vancouver does want all this shit built for free. They vote against paying for all public transit, but then expect Portland to pay for MAX lines to go to WA. They don't pay income tax because they're in WA, then don't pay sales tax since they just drive down here to shop.

The only place worse than Vancouver is Camas.

The Mothership
Yea, even Vancouverites look down on Camasans.

It sounds like Vancouverites look down on everyone more liberal than them... which means everyone.

The Mothership
It's awful here, stay away. Seriously, I am actively trying to get the hell out.

Usually when I think of Camas I think of the biggest sewage treatment plant I've ever seen in all my travels and gigantic paper and pulp mills just a short distance from that.

The very end.
Really the whole thing should be watched. The variation of insane/awesome is pretty spectacular. Also, I live in Portland and I'm pretty annoyed that there is NO Trimet service that I know of that goes to Vancouver. Cause... you know... I want to go there every once in a while I guess. Laugh at the peasants... Feed the ducks with the seniors...
The Mothership
No Trimet to Vancouver, gotta ride the CTran express from downtown Portland (#105) or the #4 from the Expo Center MAX stop. You know, just in case you want to come over and hit the weekend farmer's market.

She leaves in the middle of her job and then gets pissed that she is chastised in her absence. LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE IS HIGH AND MIGHTY ON THE GOV'T DOLE!
what did Ted say???

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