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Desc:from the wizards behind the genius of 4D technology
Category:Classic TV Clips, Pets & Animals
Tags:cats, kittens, Tim and Eric, michael cera, 4D
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Comment count is 23
i watched it from start to finish and it's a solid 1 star just like everything else tim and eric do
William Burns
Kitty Cat Man

infinite zest
Kitty Cat Man

Kitty Cat Man

Goofy Gorilla
Kitty Cat Man

La Loco
Can I has T & E love orgy?

Figures that La Loco would support something this stupid.

Sudan no1
figures that Solro has the assburgers

They found real-life John K lummoxes.
This video contains content from Turner (Adultswim) who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
infinite zest
Kitty Cat Man


Kitty Cat Man

Sorry oswald. I like Tim and Eric, but fuck watching commercials to see a minute long clip.
The commercials were longer than the clip, even

This clip was better than most T&E so it gets an extra star

no see it's brilliant it isn't comedy it's ABOUT comedy i guess you guys just aren't smart enough to get all the in-jokes and subtle references and all the exploitation of emotionally and mentally challenged people who have been convinced they're being laughed WITH and not laughed at
Kit Kat Bar

gord & keston sandalwood

just because they look retarded doesn't mean they are you retarded cunt faggot

"after my parents died in the big wreck"
Goddammit, I go to give T&E yet another viewing of hate and what do I get, a commercial for a flipping Tom Hanks JR. movie.

Oh... wait, that was the skit... okay, that was passable.
you wrote flipping and you're american? Yeah. You're basically a barrister of comedy huh?

My screen name is obvious, how cheap are your chairs exactly?

Corman's Inferno
Slingers 2 - Sling-Dingers On Patrol
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