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Desc:Intense 3D Arthropod Combat
Category:Video Games, Pets & Animals
Tags:Japan, lobster, fighting, eye beams, giant enemy crab
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Comment count is 12
This is what the world would have been like if Evil from Time Bandits had created it. Lasers, 8 o'clock, day one!
2:23 This shit just got too real!
What the fuck Japan.
La Loco
Another reason for me to fear the oceans.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh god there are twitching limbs everywhere.
Fur is Murder
No wonder lobster is so expensive.
Did that crab pull out a laser sword?


What the hell can the commentator be saying that's more interesting than laser-lobster and plasma-crab?

Is she reciting recipes for cooking your opponent or something?
Better than most games.
I can't believe "giant enemy crab" isn't a linked tag here.
Oceanic arthropods were the original battle mechs. Vertebrates have been trying to duplicate their majesty for millions of years.
You'd think a lobster would be better at strafing.
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