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Desc:Has the appropriate reaction any one of us would.
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:what the fuck do I tag this?
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Comment count is 23
In case you're wondering, there's some strong TFL energy going on in the youtube comments. Dwayne and Bill would be proud.
Vestigial Johnson
suggested tag: 'straight trippin'
or "passive aggressive"



Or aggressively passive.

That was a pretty crappy thing to do.
Magical Man from Happy-Land
wow what a piece of shit.

Still fuckin funny though
Is he really going to wrong way, though? It looks like most people are entering the subway through the turnstile on the video's left, which leads me to believe they're two-way turnstiles. Anyway, so this gentleman here wants to go through the free turnstile. But it looks like this woman doesn't want to wait in line, so she wants to go through the free turnstile, but she gets there at the same exact time as this dude.

I'm so confused.
Turnstiles only go one direction
You can see her pay the machine, he trys to push the bar and nothing happens and she walks right through

Shit, now I'm a stupid, stupid asshole. Though, in my defense, the turnstiles in the Bangkok MTS and subway systems can go both ways. I'm not seeing him push the bar, though.

These ones definitely go both ways. They are usually specifically set to go one way, but as you can see the one on the far left has someone come through it yet it has a green arrow on the front of it to show that you can go out through it. There also happens to be no place to exit otherwise, and there are more than one person trying to leave. Really the women was inpatient and went through the other turnstile, even though there were several people that needed it to get out.

I also don't believe he pushed the bar and failed, I think she just simply powered through him while he hesitated.

The spanish youtube comments (and the description) talk as if the turnstyles are 2 way, but Spanish youtube comments are probably as reliable as English ones.

BTW, the translated description is:
This man didn't like that the woman wouldn't let him leave. Another golden example of the intolerance in Bogota.

"Turnstiles only go one way" is a stupid thing to say because it's presented so confidently yet is so blatantly wrong. Every single turnstile of this type in NYC goes both ways and I doubt it's particularly unique.

Anyway if 2 people arrive at a subway turnstile at the same time, one entering and the other leaving, I think the right of way should go to the one entering unless it is certain that they've already missed whatever train they were going to take and don't need to rush.

I take it back -- I'm not a stupid, stupid asshole, at all.

La Loco
"Every single turnstile of this type in NYC goes both ways" is a stupid thing to say because it's presented so confidently yet is so blatantly wrong.

There are turnstiles in nyc at major stations that are designated as only exits, namely on 42nd st.

Rev. Blackson Pollock
If it were entrance only I think the attendant would have said something to the man before he got to the turnstile. And you can see the lady just shove past him without saying excuse me or anything. Both of them are horrible human beings, one of them fell flat on their face. And I can live with that.

La Loco
Assholes colliding.
Koda Maja
This is what happens when an unstopable bitch meets an immovable asshole.

I just want to pop him in the nose once... I know that's not the right thing to do, but that's how I feel.
So blatant...someone please stomp on this asshole's ankle.
Robin Kestrel
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