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Desc:based on the Alvin Toffler bestseller, narrated by Orson Welles
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:Orson Welles, the future, Future Shock, corpulent, Alvin Toffler
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Comment count is 7
Lurchi - 2010-10-13
This is one of the best things I've ever seen. How many levels can a video operate on? Watch all five parts.
MrBuddy - 2010-10-13
In the future, all music will come from Moog synthesizers (bet Robert Moog would have loved that).

I read this book 10 years ago. Toffler said we'd all be living in pre-furnished apartments, wear disposible paper clothing and work temporary jobs so that we could just show up at a different town any time we liked and go on with our lives like it was normal. Didn't really work out that way did it?
jangbones - 2010-10-13
Have you shopped at Old Navy lately?

baleen - 2010-10-13
Unfortunately I can't get the association with Newt Gingrich out of my head. I don't know if I can ever read this thing because of him.
BHWW - 2010-10-13

pastorofmuppets - 2010-10-14
This is amazing.

I wish I'd been around for the era of computers so large and noisy that they caused nightmares. We've got ones a billion times more powerful, connected 24/7 to a global network of networks, but decked out in glitter and sports team logos. The humble mad scientist has been innovated right out of a job.
chumbucket - 2010-10-14
Welles seems perfect for this...I'm wondering if they considered Shatner as well
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