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Desc:The Ganguro craze is taken to the next level of realism.
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:Blackface, WTF Japan, ganguro, oh mamry
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Comment count is 22
So is this a satire or just straight up racist? Is there a difference in Japan?
Not really.

Corman's Inferno
The line between racism and satires of racism is how thick you lay on the irony.

astropod five
Both, I think.

...irony, greasepaint, same thing, really.


The McK
This is pretty much why I couldn't watch Vampire Girl versus Frankenstein Girl.

Well that and that it was stultifyingly dull.
And I wasn't all that motivated to watch it until I saw this video. Funny that.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Offensive as hell. Pure evil.
K. Brass
At least there wasn't a watermelon in the scene.

Frank Rizzo
sunburnt ravers?

asian hick
sometimes i think japan is a little odd.
Only sometimes?

La Loco
Wow, that's really racist.
I was pulled over by the police while riding my bicycle in Japan. I'm pretty sure its because I'm not Japanese (I'm white). I tried to explain to some Japanese the reason I was pulled over, for not being Japanese. They didn't perceive it as racist at all and thought I was being stupid. Then I asked if they have ever been pulled over for riding their bike. Their response was blank stares.

It's a special level of racism when people don't even understand the concept.

Tuan Jim
God, fuck this shit
given the form that far-right racism in America has taken the past couple years, ganguro seems almost quaint and naive to me now
Yet America and Japan also have bat-shit crazy nationalist conservatives.

but asians are so pretty. why would they do that to themselves?
So is this the New Black Panther Party that Fox keeps going on about?
Stars for the spear
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