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Desc:The bitter fruits of globalization. I know you always wanted to see a Harley Quinn fursuit...
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:fursuit, european decadence, why the terrorists hate them, the bitter fruit of globalization, eurofurence
Submitted:The Huggable Universe
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Comment count is 19
The Huggable Universe
Things I liked:

-Harley Quinn
-Green T-Rex thing
-Cutesy Minotaur
-Lion in Loincloth
-Green Kangaroo
-Lion in Toga
-The Underarmor Antelope
-Canine with Antlers
-Less Cutesy Minotaur
-Morbidly Obese Purple Skunk
-Feline in Buckskin and Feathered Headdress
-The usual assortment of shockingly generic cats and dogs and neon dragons...
The guy on the scooter
The Lioness in the Britney Spears school girl uniform
The guys who point and wave at the audence!
The Horse in the Hawaiian shirt
The line getting held up
The German Shepherd blow kisses
the real dog who won't shut up!
The fox with the sign
the dog with the California flag who shakes the little girl's hand
the photographer wearing the tails

Is that actually supposed to be Harley Quinn, or is it just a classic harlequin? Or has everything just wrapped around on itself now?

(i mean as classic as a furry harlequin can be)

i could be persuaded to support a furry holocaust, i think
I get that they're parading around a mall or whatever, but I had a good time imagining that they were being lined up and separated from their families while the gathering onlookers watched in relative silence as they were being loaded into the cattle cars.

That could just be me, though.

Oh, wait, not "Eurofurnace?"

That explains the lack of setting furries on fire.
the total silence is what freaks me out.
It's like they are afraid to speak lest it "break characater", hence all the hideous miming...
That's exactly what it's about.

Timothy A. Bear
Eurofurries have better costumes.
And British LARPs are way awesomer and American onces. I am beginning to see a pattern.

That should have been 'than American ones'. Curse my worthless fingers.

White Trash Party
I just can't imagine what it's like to unknowingly book your hotel room at the same time as they have on of these things going on.
I remember reading some article somewhere about how some sports team or something rented out a room in a hotel when one of these things was going on in Philadelphia or some city.

They could hear people growling and mewing through the walls.

Searich for 'Bob Uecker furries'.

This shit was cute in the US, but now it gets a bit too close to the Heimat. Somehow having 300 adult individuals with undiagnosed complexes and uncategorized urges self-medicating within 300 KM is not comforting.
This needs narration by Werner Herzog.
needs a "parade of sad" tag too

"and these are the lessons of darkness"

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