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Desc:Mister Nigger speaks on the etymology and the 'niggering' of the word 'faggot.'
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:homosexuality, The More You Know, variablast, mister nigger, face tattoo
Submitted:The Huggable Universe
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Comment count is 12
Um, I'm sorry, but his name is Mister Supernigger Nigger.
The Huggable Universe
I believe his proper name is actually Mister Radical Fuck Censorship Supernigger Nigger.

I want to know what the hell happened in this guys life, people don't get born with face tattoos or the name supernigger.
Attention Desire Disorder, also known as BASSES, Boring Ass Edge Syndrome.

I'm pleased "face tattoo" links ups, but I can't understand why it only links to more of Mr. Nigger.
William Burns
Christ, what a find! This guy does, like, seven videos a day!
I don't understand what he's talking about. "Nigger" is not a verb.
It's like a Zoloft commercial with overdubbed audio.
Robin Kestrel
Lens flare!
I think he's trying to reclaim the word in his own retarded way.
^^ This was supposed to be a reply to Scynne.

Verbing weirds language, and niggering racists it.
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