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Desc:It doesn't get any more post-apocalyptic than this.
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:8-bit, post-apocalyptic, aleste gaiden, msx2
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Comment count is 16
"damn you all to hell! damn you all to hell! damn you all to hell! damn you all to hell!...well shit how many of these buried statues of liberty are there?"
Maybe this is actually the blasted ruins of a really tacky theme hotel-casino in Vegas.

That's a lot of severed Statue of Liberty Heads.
I counted 27.

Maybe this is just the 27th apocalypse. Humanity just keeps rebuilding and then destroying itself...


Uhh... Japan... you know there's only ONE of those, right? Unless H-bombs of the future cause statue heads to spontaneously generate?
You're not getting the horrifying possibility that this is as post-Tea Party post-apocolyptic future, where President Palin conquered France and forced them to make more Statues of Liberty as an apology for not supporting the wars on terror.

Basically, Bioshock 3: NES edition.

Somehow I love how perfectly absurd this type of gameplay is. I know it's supposed to be a reskin of a shmup, but I just can't stop enjoying the idea of someone just not giving a fuck while running through post-apocalyptic, mudfilled New New New New New New New York.
It's tough to give a fuck about much when your orange shoulderpads are that gigantic.

Fallout 4 is looking good!
Caminante Nocturno
I've played this game, and they explain this. It turns out that the nuclear apocalypse was caused by France loading all of their nuclear weapons into Statues of Liberty and launching them at the United States.
Multidimensional Composite Apocalypse? Yeah, I'm going with that.
Auto five for any Aleste game.
When they ran out of atom bombs, they started dropping ironic replicas of the Statue of Liberty on the US.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Jim Mallon's been busy...
Fatback Jack
"It was the gift shop all along!"
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