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Desc:Dylan Ratigan explains it better than, well, everyone
Category:News & Politics
Tags:islam, bigotry, dylan ratigan, too much sense for americans to understand
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Comment count is 26
The woman at 1:50 is beautiful. This is all I know. Who is she?
Nora O'Donnell. She gets creeped on by Chris Matthews a lot.

No, I think he means the contributor with the bob who is actually on screen at 1:50 or so. Sadly, I have no idea who she is.

O'donnel is tv-McMannequin quality, but hardly a beauty.

the fact that you guys feel this impulse to discuss which creatures you want to fuck in a public forum is really weird.

i don't like about myself that i think 'damn she's hot' when i see a pretty girl; it's hard to shake, i know. what you can do for a start, though, is stop talking about women in public like they are nothing other than a series of jpegs for you to jerk off to.

i say this to help! i want to help you not be gross!

Damn, baumer. Your maturity and sensitivity to inappropriately sexualizing women in media gets me sooo hot. I love it when you
demonstrate respect for intellectual positions rather than indulging in juvenile banter. Give me more of your gentle and helpful rebukes baby.

augias -- you have a very odd taste in women. Do you also find Dana Bash "beautiful"?

My mistake, I was mixing this comment up with takewithfood's. PS to takewithfood and CharlesSmith, Nora O'Donnell knows what Dylan Ratigan was talking about. She was probably surprised at the level of sincere passion he was displaying on a show that usually operates on "archly smirking smarm".

Caminante Nocturno
Baumer, are you ashamed of yourself every time you get turned on by a woman?

Do you get angry at yourself every time you get an erection?

hahaha no but then i am not turned on by children with cat ears

i like your posts but please never hurt a child caminante

man that was mean sorry i know you're trying

i am proud of you for not hurting a child

for what incredibly little it's worth, i think of you as the good pedophile (super takumar is the bad pedophile)

man fuck that guy


Syd Midnight
It's okay to get a boner when you see a woman. It's not okay to get a boner when you see a child. It's not okay for that to be a subject of debate.

Except on the internet!

You can hear the talking heads murmuring uneasily every time he makes a point.
The whole time, the woman in purple is thinking "Oh God, get me out of here. This guy is saying things and I don't know what they mean. I hope I'm not on camera right now. Oh shit, what if he asks me a question? What the fuck is a wahhabi? I don't even like Japanese food! I just wanted to talk about the View, please let me just talk about the View.."
She seemed nervous even talking about the View. Like the View was getting a bit more political than she was comfortable with already.

perhaps I should have titled this video "informed person spewing facts that refute political points into bewildered faces"
Tuan Jim
it was a little annoying that his is like the lone voice of reason on something as important as this.

I took the other guests' silence as them actually bothering to listen to and consider his points. Which brings me hope.

This conversation would not have happened had the Viewgirls not walked off stage. The whole discussion is a ratings scheme riding their coattails. Ratigan is trying to be popular like Whoopi.

I hate everyone on TV these days.
Also missing on the debate on the cultural center to be located in the "hallowed ground" of a Burlington Coat Factory outlet two blocks from ground zero:

The center is funded by Sufi muslims, a mystic group that Al Qaeda hates as much or more than Southern Baptists hate Unitarian Universalists.
Morning Joe is always a lot better without Joe and/or Mika.

I hate those idiots. Sometimes they fawn over that fucking obese retard Chris Christie so much I feel like I am going to be sick.

Otherwise it's OK for a morning show.

Sometimes, the little cracks can be seen.

They get plastered over.
You can see the little "READ WRITE ERROR" scrolling in the hosts' eyeballs as he talks.
Syd Midnight
They get quiet because they're going to intentionally forget every word that was spoken in the last 5 minutes as soon as Mr Unpleasant Truth here stops talking, so why bother.

Meow Bitch
I really needed this video. I think I'd forgotten that there really are people out there who realize this.
Five stars for any injection of sanity into the usual television discourse.
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