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Desc:Too racist for 73q! 'Load up your guns And be a White man now!'
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:racism, Protest song, white power, john robert mallernee, white power ballad
Submitted:The Huggable Universe
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Comment count is 19
The Huggable Universe - 2010-10-16
Edited to add obvious missed tag: white power ballad.

I hope someday to see that as the answer to a puzzle on The Price is Right.


I've listened to this song far too many times now.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-10-16
I bet you anything this fuck has got a black ancestor.
MacGyver Style Bomb - 2010-10-16
So I'm guessing we're well into "White Power Week?"
themilkshark - 2010-10-16
Damn, that was more racist than I thought it was going to be.
Cena_mark - 2010-10-16
Most racist rants don't call for armed revolution.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-10-16
Holy fucking shit.
glendower - 2010-10-16
The Bob Dylan of uneducated redneck assholes.
Ghoul - 2010-10-16
America was founded on the moral Christian values of blind faith, racial separatism, slavery, and greed. The only thing I can think of thats changed is the slavery part.
Adham Nu'man - 2010-10-16
I totally lost it at sing along with me.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2010-10-16
His puppy dog eyes are hypnotic.
The Mothership - 2010-10-16
Anaxagoras - 2010-10-16
Let's have us an old timey lynchin!
Paracelsus - 2010-10-16
Gimme that old timey lynchin'
It's good enough for me

memedumpster - 2010-10-16
This person is so goddamned stupid I think it ruined my day. Five stars!
Robin Kestrel - 2010-10-16
I always have a hard time telling if these things are parody or not.
phalsebob - 2010-10-16
Four for the dumbfuck racism, and the fifth for when he just starts sputtering out chords and isn't sure when to stop.
phalsebob - 2010-10-16
Also, "In every place you see the negro taint."

Well... someone's been to whitechickblackdicks.com

Naugaskins - 2011-03-10
White people and guns are like yellow people and rice.
Old People - 2011-09-25
Shame about the 101 banner. Speaking as a vet, I think the Army is pretty much the least racially-charged working environment I've ever experienced.

Also, that's totally not a white-person knife on the wall behind him.
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