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Desc:Homer and Bart rebut Lisa's stance on eating meat.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Simpsons, homer, bart, lisa, Marge
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Comment count is 23
Urkel Forever
Despite how funny this episode is, I despise it for being one of the first where Lisa is presented as a completely unbearable bore and "smart" in the way Simpsons writers must imagine smart people.

My god, I am a nerd.
You're an imperceptive nerd if you think the Simpson's writers are bitter about "smart" people. The entire premise of that writing staff was to just cram as many smart people into a room as possible and have them collectively rewrite stuff.

I mean, it's the entire reason why the show sucks now: the writers are all very intelligent, completely unfunny people. Did you see the episode where they retold MacBeth as a production of MacBeth? It wasn't funny at all, but it was clever until they got to the rushed ending.

You just declared yourself a nerd in a faux-shocked way. I don't know if "nerd" applies, but "socially-awkward" and "tedious" do.

Smart people are perfectly capable of intelligently being sanctimonious dickheads. That's actually a moral a lot of intelligent people need to take to heart.

You really are living up to your name.

Lisa is the straight man. Everyone always overlooks the straight man, even though he's the most important part of the comedy routine. Without Lisa to provide a bit of sanity for everyone else to contrast with, the show would have never reached the heights it once did.

This bit pretty much encapsulates that. Remove Lisa sulking in the background, and all you've got is a couple of dancing idiots.

I thought The Simpsons writers were largely Harvard-educated, that's why they make so many jokes about Yalies

Caminante Nocturno
Every episode centered around Lisa is terrible.
What about the one where she gets raped with purple tentacles?

I've notified the Australian police. They should be around shortly.


There is a little girl in a cartoon.

1. Is she written as a cutesy, catchphrase-spouting idiot? If No, go to 2.

2. Is she written as a fetish object? If no, go to 3.



Iron Xides
you don't have to be caminante to hate lisa episodes

The episode where Bleeding Gums dies is fucking great! So is the one where she sees her future wedding, and 'Summer of 4 ft. 2', and Lisa the Vegetarian, and...

Is it just that you feel threatened by intelligent women :(

Frank Rizzo
this is the BBBQ episode! Its the best episode...
What's the extra B stand for?


Yeah but what's that extra B for?


great episode, not its finest scene
La Loco
I was singing this just yesterday.
This show was rarely funny. It went nowhere but downhill.
Hey, let's talk about who else sucks! Uh, Picasso (and Van Gogh (don't forget that old hack Mozart (being a pseudo-intellectual is a very easy game to play, huh)))

La Loco
Don't forget Bansky, he sucks too.

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