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Desc:All too easy.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, star trek, darth vader, Picard, lasers
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Comment count is 16
The youtube comments.
Innocent Bystander
@Amann0407 Yeah, right. Nothing in anything I've seen from Sansweet, Chee, and most importantly of all George Lucas himself have ever said that the ICS books or any other reference book is G-level canon. ICS is more like S or N canon since the vast majority of other SW material contradicts it in so many ways it's not even funny.

5 for this comment alone.

"There goes Perion with his bullshit, even after getting seriously pwned earlier, he probably hopes that if he keeps repeating his crap over and over again, it'll be true. Face it, at best a single ISD is comparable to a Galaxy or D'Deridex, and based on the high canon of the TCW series, an ISD would be hopelessly outmatched in speed, firepower, range, and more."

Fucking hell, this really is worth is for the comments alone.

The video: amazing. But I also agree, the comments was like the perfect companion piece.

How many of these guys are wearing a "genius at work" t-shirt while typing all that?

Producer Wendy Neuss.
Is there any nudity? I remember asking that question to about every movie I saw back in the day. Before I had the internet.
You can tell that this took place in Star Trek continuity in that both ships are moving on the same plane.
I was rooting for Star Wars.
I bust a gut when he started drinking.
Dr. Lobotomy
All that's missing is Data saving the day at the end with a "tasteful" painting of horses.

The fifteen year old me just shouted "Ni!".
Rum Revenge
This video accomplishes 2 things:

1) proof of why I still love Star Wars

2) Why Picard will always be my captain
... and then the Cylons showed up and killed everybody. THE END
frak off

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