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Desc:Apparently this is actually a routine he developed to help programmers finally touch a boob.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:SCIENCE!, Hacker, mystery method, PUA, (point to schlong)
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Comment count is 16
I... uhm... Christian science is more together than this... and will get you laid faster.
I think the point is that the people he's talking to are already computer nerds. He's just trying to make them sound less boring.

There's a whole second half to this; he's talking to one of his students who's a programmer specializing in cryptography, and is trying to give him material to make that sexy. SPOILER: he isn't very successful at it.

The more complicated and redundant it sounds, the more they pay to listen to it.
I found FIVE HOURS of this crap on bittorrent, it's going to be a long process sifting through and finding the highlights.
Old Zircon, please. PLEASE.

Please be thoroughly intoxicated while you are sifting through it. We need you, man.

I will, but not right now because I have a cold. I've got to warn you, his creepiness level, while present, is disappointingly low, and you can't really hear the students that well.

People actually pay 0 for this on 5 DVDs, by the way.

I've got a set of Ross Jeffries (?) tapes that I literally found in a garbage can. Perhaps I'll rip them to WAV files (or, let's be respectful to the content and go with 8kps MP3s) and torrent them?

Also: is he balding?

He's not balding. In the TV show you sometimes see him in a horrible, parted-down-the-middle ponytail like I had when I was 15.

What I really want to find is videos of his students actually hitting on girls at these seminars, I can't imagine that not being funny.

Frank Rizzo
"I usually go to the coffee shop and take my laptop there-"
"-yeah... nice"
Kolmogorov was all about neg hits and running sets, for all you AFCs.
Most of the MP3 is coagulate to stop the music industry from getting up in your shit. Read the book MP3 wars for more details.
never say programmer. ever. say you are a computer carny, anything but a programmer!
Syd Midnight
Asking drunk women out it apparently difficult enough to have its own lore and superstition
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