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Desc:guitar virtuoso chet atkins performs one of the finest tunes humanity has known.
Category:Classic TV Clips, General Station
Tags:guitar, 70s, yakety sax, chet atkins
Submitted:mumbly joe
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The Mothership
T-Shirt McMustache and Bertie Wooster's Aunt Agatha can't seem to get into the groove.
Aunt Aggie considers this negro music and won't have it in her house.

This song without seeing people running around at 20x speed reminds us that it is actually a song.
Actually it just makes me imagine cowboys chasing cows around at 20x speed.

Same for me. These notes won't ever be "actually a song" to me.

My late gramma's favorite musical artist was Boots Randolph (for the sake of the story I'm ignoring Margaret Whiting), so I grew up hearing Yakety Sax in an un-ironical setting. To me it was never Benny Hill music.

Yup. So good with chicken pickin.

Oscar Wildcat
Speak to me, Ms Gibson
its a Gretch Country Gentleman, 1972

Syd Midnight
The guitar they'd name after him

Oscar Wildcat
Oops, my bad.

I had never realized how country those particular notes sounded.
It's the bass that's giving it the country sound. The yakety axe notes are innocent.

this guy was the best guitar player of all time in my opinion. I've never seen any of these other so called greats like Hendricks or Clapton finger pick like he does.
Finger picking alone might not be the measure of "best" on the guitar. Banjo maybe, but I think quite a few people have mastered the guitar far better than Chet here.

now do Misirlou!
If poeTV was a show, this would be its theme song.
What happiness sounds like
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