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Desc:Fatty fight week anyone?
Tags:fight, fat, slapping, huge spectacle, get it... huge
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Comment count is 34
They both lose, but everybody wins.
Fudgie the Whale is left undecided as to which suitor she prefers.

I love how at :09 it looks like he is about to take a serious swing at him and then it just immediately descends into ineffectual flailing. Impossible to tell with the quality but I'm pretty sure they both had their eyes shut.
Dude, his mom is gonna be pissed about that shirt.
Dread Pirate Roberts
The crowd is a perfect example of how evil Humans can be. They just keep egging them on, even after the one guy backs down.

For our next video, I'd like to see a fat dude completely owned by another fat dude using actual fighting techniques, preferably Jujutsu.
What do you mean evil? That altruistic crowd recognized how much joy this hilariously inept fight was bringing to the world, and they made pains to preserve this beautiful snowflake for as long as possible.

I've seen far, far worse, even on this site. It's not like the dude was hurt, he just realized he was the world's worst combatant and figured he'd be better off balls deep in an ice cream cake somewhere.

Mike Tyson?!
I would cheer them both on too. They both clearly need the exercise and neither was capable of actually hurting the other one, other than black shirt's occasional strikes to the back of the head on white shirt (which is dangerous if the punches actually have force behind them). They were so gassed out after the first tumble they could wail on each other for hours and not cause bruising.

These pussies punch so soft that I bet they didn't even break their hands.

how does no one ever know how to throw a fucking punch
We use guns now.

Syd Midnight
At that weight you try to let gravity do most of the work

Adham Nu'man
Slappity Slappity Slap.
Ham fists a-flailing!
five golden rings

il fiore bel
Are those onion rings?

Honestly, I'd fight one either one of these guys for onion rings.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Dueling manatees.
So many crass joke possibilities trying to get out at the same time! I think I'll go with my first instinct:

We dodged a bullet - they were *THIS CLOSE* to causing a singularity.
god the slapping sounds.
Frank Rizzo
"THATS RIGHT!!!" *slap* slap* slap* slap* slap* slap* slap*
il fiore bel
nip shot @ 0:23

so hot
There so many comments I want to five star, you know who you are.
The few punches that landed probably didn't hurt that much. Their fingers are so fat that it's like a regular sized person wearing boxing gloves.
Butter-Jab VS The Crisco Hammer
Take 'em

Everyone who five starred this is racist (except me).
It looked like older brother vs. younger brother. I could be wrong.
Fark vs Something Awful
ha ha yeah, we are the cool thin dudes of the internet on POE

Caminante Nocturno
Staypuft Vs. Michelin.
Oh god! Someone stop them before one of them gets gored!
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