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Desc:Can Santa bring Grandpa back?
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Religious
Tags:santa, grandpa, Family Circus
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 17
Oscar Wildcat - 2010-10-24
What, you don't know how to use a shovel?
Toenails - 2010-10-24
Christ, what does it say when the best animated holiday special based off a comic strip is Garfield?

(Fuck Peanuts)
asian hick - 2010-10-24
fuck you.

FABIO - 2010-10-24
Peanuts is one small step behind BC.

Old_Zircon - 2010-10-24
It says you've never seen the Bloom County christmas special.

FABIO - 2010-10-24
Bloom County is the most underrated comic strip ever.

Doomstein - 2010-10-24
A wish for wings that work. Five for you sir.

FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2010-10-24
Garfield is better than Peanuts now.

Time to shut this site down. It was fun while it lasted.

mashedtater - 2010-10-25
bloom county had a christmas special? why the hell arent you submitting it?

FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2010-10-25
Because it was already submitted like three years ago. Search "bloom county".

Killer Joe - 2010-10-24
Billy the Poet - 2010-10-24
Worship Santa and he will bring back your dead loved ones.
Xenocide - 2010-10-24
Who destroyed the last vestige of Jeffy's childhood innocence?

Not me!
klingerbgoode - 2010-10-24
for you sir

memedumpster - 2010-10-24
Hah ha haha!!!

fluffy - 2010-10-24
The lipsync is like something out of a Don Hertzfeldt short.
duck&cover - 2010-10-25
Somebody should tell Jeffy "The Monkey's Paw" story.
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