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Desc:Mutant superheroes face their deadliest foe: A fey Matt Frewer who can force you to fart.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Classic Movies
Tags:90s, max headroom, Marvel, matt frewer, Generation X
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Comment count is 9
Since when did Asian Jubilee get cast as ugly Jew?

Also, Matt Frewer shops at the second hand store where John Lydon donates his clothes.
I watched this whole movie a few months ago. Everyone else should, too.
Virtua Fighter tag.
I can't imagine Sega was terribly happy about that. If anyone there even watched this.

Needs "Max Headroom" tag.
I want to see a "hallway with pipes along the ceiling and walls in movies" montage. Is that crazy?
No, but it might merit the "SFW fetish" tag.

Is this really based on that Generation X comic, or is this another one of those "X-Men with the serial numbers filed off" ripoffs like Mutant X?
that dude was a future historian in an episode of star trek
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