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Desc:This car is an exact replica of a car.
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:Car, mediocrity, design, bland, automotive industry
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Comment count is 15
Because the 2011 Subaru Legacy says "I'm an individual!", or "I'm a lesbian!", or something...

Also, I think you hurt the Kia Optima's feelings here.

Yeah. The car they ridicule is as mediocre as what they propose as an alternative.

I give this trollish advertisement a five anyway, because I apply it to the bulk of their offering.

I would buy this car, as long as they kept the name.
Looks more like a Hyundai. But I fucking love this. It's amazing. I can't really tell anymore if I'm looking at a Prius or an Accent. What about... LEGANZA. Or Honda CRV? To me CRV is the money you get back when you take your cans to the recycling place.
Mike Tyson?!
That is actually a pretty rad color.
Robin Kestrel
It would look sweet with a dark red interior.

I drove a ford Tempo that matches this description. It's all i could think of when i was watching this.

That car was a piece of shit.

astropod five
This is what rental cars should look like; it would instantly feel familiar to any driver.
One word, neutralcolornotabird.
I see what you did there

what the fuck is the point of this ad exactly? what is their message? i'm honestly fucking sick of americans treating cars like a luxury fashion accessory rather than a means of transportation, and i think this is a good idea...
Do I detect the bitterness of a Nissan Stanza driver?

Goofy Gorilla
This is the car of my dreams. I think we should ban other cars, seriously.
Hehehehehe, the lady is the head of the CIA on Chuck. That means that as far as I'm concerned this is a spy car that shoots lasers and is possibly a space ship that is also a robot.
Also I just realized I watch Chuck often enough to recognize people other than Adam Baldwin. This is a sad state of affairs.
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