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Desc:It's a technology!
Category:Advertisements, Crime
Tags:augmented reality, iphone, sex offenders, tracker, app
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Comment count is 15
Johnny Madhouse
Shit, I wish I talked in a hilarious enough manner to get paid to shill sex-offender trackers.

Eagerly awaiting the comment-argument over whether or not this app is a good thing.
Well, on the bright side, it's sort of like free GPS if your are a sex offender. Or you might need to find a sex offender instead of avoid one. This seems like a convenient option.

I bought the original sex offender locator app. My roomate who works at a liquor store likes it.

five for "augmenteg reality"
-1 star because the app doesn't say "They rapin' people out here" when detecting more than three sex offenders.
he's climbin in yo windows snatchin yo people up, so you need tah hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband cuz they be rapin everyone up in here
So I hear he's already made enough money from the Autotune The News guys' mp3 sales (that they split with him 50/50) to buy himself and his family a house. We are living in the 21st century!
Augmentig reality
I bought the original sex offender app for my iPhone just for the hell of it. I heard about it on the radio and thought "Hey, I think I'll check that out." It was $ 2.

Some people who went through my phone asked me why I have it. I just shrugged.

I am a blue dot in a sea of red dots.
oh so you live in indiana?

Also, is this real, or is it like that hoax site from a few years back that upset so many people?
Jet Bin Fever
Next will be a mock congressional run that hipsters ironically support, no doubt.
Do they have apps to track Juggalos or Teatards?
They need something to let you track PUAs.

Wait, that's what this is.

I have always wanted my own Mechwarrior style radar for tracking sex offenders, or anything really!
Meatsack Jones
Offender start up, de-tected.
Offender start up, de tected.

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