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Desc:Old black & white toy commercial
Tags:toy, wing, swing, whiplash, dizzy
Submitted:Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
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Comment count is 19
puzzle an elephant today with Swing Wing
excite your monkey with swing wing!
No wonder why they became hippies
Goodbye, brain cells.
The 60's were just plain stupid from start to finish.
it's a what?
Oh, so that's how hippies got started. Groovy.
It's a neck and face injury thing.
It's also a fuck with the zoo animals thing.

And people think today's youth do a lot of drugs,
j lzrd / swift idiot
This was where it started going downhill.
Calamity Jon
The Different Drummers walk the Hoop, and Halo realizes it's time to leave.
I want one of these now.
"Gee, Sally sure has a lot of energy from all those pixie stix we've been feeding her!"

"Try this! We got Billy a SWING THING!"

Pie Boy
Before we had metal to give ourselves whiplash to, there was the Swing Wing.
Aubrey McFate
Huh. Ok.
Aubrey McFate
I found this video again and I have to say that this is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. Minutes of fun for the whole family!

Tuan Jim
Are they doing it on a ROOF at the end?

They are scaling the walls of Rome and destroying Western civilization.

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