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Desc:The best religious movie of all time.
Category:Classic Movies, Religious
Tags:Bollywood, Hanuman, special effects, Jai Bajrang Bali, lol Hindus
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Comment count is 19
Why are there no movies with hilariously literal interpretations of Judeo-Christian mythology? I want to see a talking lizard man, angels shooting beams of fire and God riding on a cloud.
Probably because every religion founded after 2000 BC has really boring mythologies.

I'm only watching a flick like that if it has awesome wrasslin' scenes.

Admittedly, this clip sets the bar pretty damn high.

This clip made Holy Flame of the Martial World look almost sane...almost.

This movie has Mehmood, which is like putting young Jim Carrey in Passion Of the Christ.

This really is a pretty typical scene, too, there are a lot of even more ridiculous ones.

There actually IS Christian stuff like this, but it was only released in the Viewmaster format.


Hanuman just tailed his face!!!
Macho Nacho
I need to watch this
You do. It's 3 hours long, and the whole thing is like this.

It's still available I think, but I had to order it from Pakistan. The post office held it as a suspicious package for weeks, and then when I opened it, the DVD case was made from some kind of soft, gritty rubber and smelled like a tire fire. The burning rubber smell was so strong I literally couldn't keep it in the house.

Just post the whole damn thing! 11 stars!

I don't know if I'm ready to give up the power.

Also, my DVD doesn't have subtitles.

Jet Bin Fever
My favorite thing about this honestly is the film quality and set design. It has a really nice feel to it.
The whole movie is like the cover of Their Satanic Majesties Request by The Rolling Stones (which is the best album that band ever did, in case you didn't know; serious Stones fans will argue otherwise but they're serious Stones fans so they're wrong by definition).

I really want the "lol hindus" tag to get linked.
Hanuman and William Shatner go to the same dojo.
"And that's why mountains have lights on them."
"Holy shit, granpa, now tell us where babies come from!"
"Well, once there was a giant octopus..."

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