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Desc:Yeah, they just looked for idiots in a crowd of hundreds of thousands, but it's still funny.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:obama, Kenya, keynes, macroeconomics
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Comment count is 26
John Holmes Motherfucker
The final line was spot on perfect.
It was all I could think @ 0:26

Dread Pirate Roberts
Admittedly, it threw me off at first as well. My first thought was "oh, they spelled that wrong."

That is a dirty tactic, but it's funny any way. Spoiler(?): It's an economic theory based on good old John Maynard K.
Yeah I didn't think it was a word until I looked it up just now. Had I been asked, I think I would have looked like a different kind of idiot, ranting about outright ignorance of African nations and spelling. Would it be incorrect to assume that normally only an economics major would understand the question?

Well, I'm not an economics major, but I would've recognized, and gotten, the joke. Maybe made one of my own about not being able to know for certain, what with the dangerous associations he no doubt formed at the University of Chicago.

But it isn't exactly a common or particularly accessible word, particularly for people that don't watch business or economics news stories very often (or get their news from newspapers or half the cable news shows out there). Not that surprising they got enough people to fill a video.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Well, yes, it would be incorrect to assume that normally only an economics major would understand the question but I'm not sure that not understanding makes you an idiot. In fact the reverse may be true. It's quite possible that many of Glenn Beck's viewers would understand the question, and they're obviously idiots PAR EXCELLENCE.

ANSWERING the question is a whole 'nother matter from being able to ANSWER the question. My best guess would be "YES". Deficit spending in a recession as a stimulus is Keynsian, or so I seem to think.

Conservatives seem to regard Keynes derisively. I think it may be that Keynes became less important, or at least more controversial, after the coming of Reagan. So if you went to high school in the seventies, like I did, you probably would have heard his name, like I did.

John Holmes Motherfucker
... and from the eighties on, you may have not.

In my late 80s HS econ, macro policy was presented as some sort of wrestling match between Keynes and Friedman (representing monetarists). A pretty narrow view of the field, but in line with the U.S. propensity to view the world in blacks and whites. Its not a given that parties of the Left should be synonymous with endless deficit funded stimulus. See Brazil or Chile for contemporary alternatives.

I saw it and I thought he'd misspelled it into a whole new level of unintentional funny, but sadly, he's probably just a libertarian in college.

5 for the Left not being so god damn full of itself it can't laugh at it's own stupid.

Except Hitler cat... wtf is wrong with THAT guy.

If you didn't get it immediately you may want to consider not voting today.

phalsebob - Libertarian or not, they guy is actually Canadian (Second City is the tell).

I didn't get it right away, as I saw the sign and immediately thought this was at a teabagger rally. I took him actually saying "Keynesian" to a bunch of goofy-ass hipsters before I got the fact that he was talking about the economist and not the country.

Oh, and I voted. But this was before I read Baldr's comment, so I'm pretty sure I'm in the clear.

Fire starring cat ears Hitler.
Fire starting cat eats Hitler.

Someone make a video for this comment.

Not even Doom music, buddy. Not even Doom music.

need to make that shit a TAG

While I do wish we lived in a country where people actually understood Keynesian economics, the majority on both sides of the spectrum don't understand it.

That's why everyone on the right can so easily attack the stimulus bill because they don't understand the economic theory on which it's based. And that's why people on the left have a hard time rooting for Obama, because they don't really know what he's doing to accomplish his stated goals.

Sadly Obama has actually explained his economic policies in numerous speeches but they are not sound byte compatible so no one has any idea what the point of the stimulus even was. Although I don't know if he ever actually referred to it as Keynesian.

All I did was read the occasional Paul Krugman Op-Ed and have been learning about Keynesian economics for the past two years.

I'll shut up now.
Spoiler alert: Keynesianism mistakenly takes consumption as its primary standard instead of production.

It's absolutely fucking tragic that econ isn't part of the basic, normal-kid curriculum at every high school.

John Holmes Motherfucker
It's the wee hour of elction night, and i am feeling ya.

Ugh, I don't ever recall learning about Keynesian economics, but I know how KENYAN is spelled.
Not Keynesian enough.
Stupid people everywhere.
John Holmes Motherfucker
There do seem to be some people standing around quietlty getting the joke.
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